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Founders of Dave's Tractor

In 2001, Dave’s Tractor got its start in Dave and Carla Siemens’ barn in rural Northern California. Dave had begun his small business with the idea of getting out of the corporate rat race, and running a small tractor business at home with wife Carla, and three children, Michelle, Lee, and Laurel.
Word of mouth travels fast along country back roads, and it was not long before Dave was working around the clock taking care of customers who had heard about his work ethic, honesty, and friendly service.
Those satisfied customers in turn would tell their friends and neighbors and . . . well . . . if you were to visit Dave’s Tractor today, you would find a beautiful new facility nestled in the pistachio orchard next door to Dave and Carla’s country home and barn, with a steady stream of customers and delivery trucks coming and going every day of the week.
imageClose to a dozen top-notch employees now help with sales, bookkeeping, deliveries, and mechanical work in Dave’s full-service shop. The dealership continues to be a family business, as Carla works alongside her husband, and son, Lee, works as Marketing Manager and some sales as well.
From a couple of tractors in the barn to an average of 400 tractors currently on the lot, Dave now serves as the West Coast Distributor for Mahindra tractors in the United States while continuing in retail sales, and has won Outstanding Dealer Awards from both Mahindra and Branson Tractors. Although a lot has changed for Dave’s Tractor in the past 12 years, some things never change. Dave, his family, and his dedicated employees continue to give honest, friendly service, while satisfied customers just keep talking to their friends and neighbors!
Dave or Carla may be contacted by following this link.
Dave's Tractors Management Team
imageRob McFarlen, General Manager

Rob was our very first employee, joining us just over a year after we opened our doors. His energy and enthusiasm made us smile every day, and his mechanical skill was a huge asset to the business. It wasn’t long before Rob discovered how much he enjoyed talking with customers, and he soon became our head salesman. Customers appreciate Rob’s thorough knowledge of tractors, and we appreciate the unusual dedication he brings to the business. Today Rob serves as General Manager for Dave’s Tractor. His energy and enthusiasm still make us smile, and his ideas and input have been invaluable to Dave's Tractor.
Rob may be contacted by following this link.

Dillon Conner, Distribution Manager
Dillon joined our team in summer of 2010 primarily assembling and loading tractors for distribution.  When John Byrd (former Distribution Manager) decided to retire in early 2012, Dillon was the obvious replacement as he had been John’s right hand man for almost two years.  He has been doing very well, quickly adapting to all the paperwork, emails and logistics that are involved with receiving, assembling and shipping approximately 1,000 tractors per year.  His “git r done” attitude helps him to fit right in with the team, of which he plays a very important roll.   

Dillon may be contacted by following this link.

Melody McFarlen, Office Manager

Melody joined the Dave’s Tractor team with a huge job ahead of her . . . organize our growing pile of paperwork, and make sure that the bills, taxes, and payroll are paid on time, and . . . well, the list goes on and on! Thanks to Melody we have a beautifully organized, smooth running office today. We appreciate her willing attitude, as well as her organizational skills. If you call us on the telephone, you’re apt to get Melody’s friendly voice ready to help or direct your call.
Melody may be contacted by following this link.

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