Tractor Implements

We want to be your One Stop Tractor Shop! We have many implements in stock here at Dave's Tractor, and can easily order that special item we may not have in stock. We have implements available from the following suppliers

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Heavy Duty 8’ Brush Rake- This brush rake is built off of a 10” x 6” x ¼” thick rectangular tubing that is 8’ long. There are 7 heavy duty 6’ long forks that are 15” spacing from center to center of the forks. The total height of this implement is 3’ tall, with a 2” x 2” x ¼” angle iron frame. Behind this frame is 6” channel to support the Skid Steer Quick Attach plate. This implement is great for clearing heavy brush. - $2950

image Brand new chipper shredder 3 point mounted and PTO driven will work on any tractor with standard category one 3 point/PTO. Weighs 432 pounds, requires anywhere from 18-45 HP, takes up to 4" diameter log, rotating hood, auto feed, 4 rotating hardened blades, etc.... this thing is ready for some spring clean up! $1995
image Box Graders- these are a cross between a box scraper and an orchard/asphalt float. They have adjustable ripper shanks and adjustable/reversible cutting edges. The 5 foot model has 5 shanks and the 6 foot model has 6 shanks. These are ideal for general landscaping, easier to make things level than with a box scraper. Where they really shine is road or driveway maintenance, the angled cutting edges will pull the gravel from the edge of the road to the center of the road filling in pot holes along the way, giving your road or driveway a smooth finished. $995 for the 5 foot and $1,095 for the 6 foot.
image 60" 3 point mounted disc for tractor. Great for making fire breaks or discing up a garden area. 18" discs, fronts are notched, backs are smooth. Grease able cast bearings. $1,250
image These forks clamp onto your loader bucket, easy on/easy off. Really great for pushing brush, cleaning trash/debris up, save a lot of time. 2500 lb capacity and come in 48, 54, 60 and 72 inch sizes. 48" has 5 tines, 54" and 60" have 6 tines and the 72" has 7 tines. 48 is $299, 54 is $349, 60 is $399 and 72 is $499.
image Top and tilt with 2 spool valve and bulkhead, quick disconnect hydraulics and 2 hydraulic rams. Custom built to fit your tractor. We can make it how you want it. $1,550
image Premium fiberglass color matched canopies in stock for all Mahindra tractors. $450
image Box scrapers - We have many sizes in stock. Standard duty or heavy duty, these are good quality scrapers. 4’SD-$550, 5’SD-$650, 6’SD-$750, 6’HD-$750, 7’-HD-$900
image Post hole diggers - Very nice to have when building fence, planting trees, etc. Post hole diggers are $499 plus the auger: a 9” heavy duty auger is $375, 12” standard duty auger is $199 and 12” heavy duty auger is $415.
image Blades - 5 position angle, reversible cutting edge, 3 point mount, these are nice heavy blades. 5’ standard duty $499, 6’ heavy duty $599 and 7’ heavy duty $799
image Mowers - 4' Rotary Mowers for $990, 5' Rotary Mowers for $1090, 6' Rotary Mowers for $1590. Drive shafts included. We have flail mowers as well. Stop by and get your mower today!
image Orchard Floats (sometimes called Land Planes). These 3 point tools are for the back of tractors. You can take a pile of gravel or dirt and smooth it in just a matter of minutes. These floats take no skill to operate. If you can drive a tractor and hook up the implement then you can work this machine. We have many sizes in stock. 5’ is $995, 6’ is $1095, 7’ is $1195 and 8’ is $1295. These are all brand new and ready to work.
Implements Clamp on Forks - Quick and easy way to make your bucket a forklift. Mounts in seconds to most loader buckets, without tools. Forks are equipped with handles for ease in mounting and spacing adjustments. 1000 pound capacity for $299 and 2000 pound capacity for $349.