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Ford 671 Diesel Tractor, Select-O-Speed Transmission – Rare Find!

This is a Ford 671 diesel, made in the late fifties to early sixties.  This particular tractor is relatively rare for a few reasons.  Notably, this is a 48 HP diesel, while most of the 601 Ford Workmaster series of this era were gasoline.  Likewise, most had manual steering, but this model has power-assist steering.  Most were basic manual transmissions, but this tractor has the Select-O-Speed transmission which was way ahead of its time.  You’ll also immediately notice the unique, pie-shaped segmented rear wheel weights.  A complete set of wheel weights like this can sell for $750+ just for the weight kit!   

Overall this tractor is in fine condition for a tractor of this age.  The engine runs fine, and the transmission seems to work well in all gears.  The PTO engages, the power-steering works, and the front sheet metal is much better than average.  The rear fenders are rough and the rear tires are cracked but hold air and work.  The brakes are very poor and will need attention before putting the tractor in use.

Overall, this is a very interesting tractor, with several unique features that make this a rare find.  It would be a great candidate for a restoration project.  We are selling this as-is, understanding that this is a 55+ year old tractor.  You can come test drive and make your own evaluation, but no doubt this is a lot more tractor with a lot more potential than the typical Ford 8N gas tractor with no power-steering and no live hydraulics that you normally see for around this price.  We’re asking $2,900 obo.

Please feel free to call, email, or stop by Dave’s Tractor to inquire about this tractor! 

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