About Us

When Dave's Tractor began in early 2000, Dave was just dabbling in the used tractor market. His hope was to sell a few tractors a month, just enough to make a living. In those days the business model was very simple: a customer found a used tractor they liked, wrote a check for it, and Dave delivered it to their door. Dave and his wife Carla were soon kept very busy and eventually decided they would expand the business and bring on an employee or two. Before long, a shop was built in the middle of the nut orchards outside Red Bluff, and the business just kept growing. The used tractor market was booming, but Dave quickly discovered that many people were also interested in brand new tractors, along with the option to finance them.

In late 2002, Dave's Tractor became a dealer for new Branson tractors. Branson was just getting started in the USA and at the time offered tractors from 28hp to 45hp, making them the perfect fit for our company. Today, Branson has expanded their line to include tractors from 19hp to 78hp, with many options in between.  Branson tractors have established a reputation for being built heavy and powerful, the key components of a capable tractor.  Since starting with Branson in 2002, many customers have found a Branson tractor to fit their needs perfectly.

After starting with Branson, Dave soon found that there was demand for a smaller 20hp tractor. Time for more research! In 2003 Dave's Tractor became the second Mahindra dealer in the west coast USA. In September of 2003, 20 Mahindra tractors arrived on the lot, which would be the first of many orders to come.  As Dave's Tractor moved more and more Mahindra tractors, other dealers were established and Mahindra found themselves in need of a distribution facility in the west. In 2005 Dave's Tractor partnered with Mahindra USA to become the West Coast Distribution facility, assembling tractors, loaders, backhoes, and belly mowers for Mahindra for over 10 years. At times there would be over 800 tractors on site at Dave's Tractor - definitely a surprising sight for first-time visitors! With the success of the Mahindra tractor on the west coast came the need for a much larger distribution facility. In 2015 Mahindra established a stand-alone West Coast Distribution Center in the greater Sacramento area. Mahindra now offers many models of tractors from 22hp to 105hp, meeting the demands of a wide range of customers.

Through years of selling tractors and implements, the folks at Dave's Tractor have learned a lot about what matters to their customers.  One of the things that becomes important when you own equipment is the ability to transport it.  We're proud to offer Versatile trailers to meet this need for our customers!  These trailers are manufactured just up the road in Oregon, and we're impressed with the quality and value of Versatile brand trailers.  We generally have a large selection of flatbed, tilt, and dump trailers in stock.  It has been a great addition to our business to be able to sell the whole package that our customers need, including tractor, implements, AND the trailer to haul it all!

Dave's Tractor is your dealer for Branson and Mahindra tractors, generally with over 65 new units on the lot to choose from.  You'll also generally find a selection of used tractors, and a huge inventory of new tractor implements - mowers, rototillers, post hole diggers, box scrapers, to name just a few. And of course there's also a large selection of flatbed, gooseneck, equipment, and dump trailers.  There aren't many dealerships around with an inventory like Dave's Tractor's, coupled with a large full-service shop, trained mechanics, sales offices, and fantastic employees.  To top it off, in 2018 the Dave's Tractor building was enlarged, adding a large show room and parts department to even better meet the needs of our current and future customers!

We at Dave's Tractor are truly amazed at how the Lord has blessed us through the years, allowing us to grow, learn, and work with amazing customers and employees. Although a lot has changed since 2000, some things will not change. Dave, his family, and his dedicated employees continue to provide the same honest, friendly service that has been the foundation of the business from the very beginning.  Dave's Tractor has been blessed to serve the folks who make our country great. Here's to many more years!

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