71 HP Mahindra Tractor, Loader, & HD Box Scraper with Hydraulic Rippers!

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71HP Mahindra Tractor, Loader, & HD Box Scraper with Hydraulic Rippers! - 1 IN STOCK ONLY!


Sale Price: $40,950 after over $7,700 in Discounts!


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If you’re looking for a tough, reliable, no-nonsense utility tractor, the Mahindra 6075 Power Shuttle tractor is sure to impress. This tractor has 71 HP and a loader lift capacity of 3,550 lbs to full height!  The smooth Power Shuttle transmission makes driving this tractor a cinch, and with 15 available gears in forward and reverse, you’ll have the right gear for any application.  Mahindra tractors are built for work.  And with this package you’re also getting an 88” Heavy Duty Box Scraper with hydraulic rippers!  This is a serious implement, built for some real dirt work.  The scraper itself weighs 1,675 lbs!

This advertised price includes thousands in discounts!  Mahindra is offering a $3,600 discount on this tractor for cash or standard financing rate buyers, and on top of that right now you’re getting another $3,775 dropped off the normal price!  Buy it with the heavy-duty box scraper and you save an additional $350 for the package.  That’s a total of over $7,700 in discounts!  This is a great deal while it lasts, but we only have 1 in stock at this price so don’t wait!

Mahindra 6075 Power Shuttle Tractor and Loader
- 71 HP 3-Cylinder Mahindra Common Rail Diesel Engine
- 3,550 lb Loader Lift Capacity to full height
- 15F/15R Power Shuttle Transmission
- 2-Speed Independent PTO
- 2 Rear Hydraulic Remotes
- 4 Wheel Drive
- Power Steering
- Skid Steer Style Quick Attach Loader Bucket
- Category I & II Compatible 3-Point Arms with flex link ends.
- 5-Year Powertrain Warranty!

This tractor utilizes Mahindra’s Common Rail Diesel Engine technology to reduce emissions without the use of the DPF filter.  You’ll never have to wait for your tractor to run a regeneration cycle!  What that means for you is that you get a powerful tractor that meets emissions requirements, and you don’t have to be told when or how to run your tractor.  NO DEF, NO DPF, NO REGEN!

The 15F/15R power shuttle transmission makes this tractor smooth and simple to operate.  No clutch required to change directions, making loader work faster and easier.  15 gear forward and reverse means you have a wide range of speed control and you can find the right gear for each different application.

The Mahindra 6075 also has 4-wheel drive, power steering, 2-speed independent PTO, and comes with 2 rear hydraulic remotes.  The 3-pt arms are compatible with either Cat I or Cat II implements and feature telescopic stabilizers and flex link ends, making hooking up to implements easier and faster.  The 3-pt arms have position control hydraulics with draft control, and the rear lift capacity is a mighty 4,840 lbs!

There are a lot of other useful features on this tractor, with a focus on making your work simpler and more efficient.  For instance, the one-piece tilting hood makes it super easy to get to the engine for routine maintenance.  A large 23.8 gallon fuel tank means you can get a TON of work done before having to fuel up.  The easy-access flat operator’s platform makes it easy to climb on and off of the tractor.  And the Mahindra suspension seat with armrests makes those hours of operating the tractor much more comfortable.

We have financing options available, and we always work to make your experience as hassle-free as possible.  Come see how Dave’s Tractor has earned a reputation for excellent customer service.

Please feel free to call, email, or stop by for more information.  See this tractor today at Dave’s Tractor, Inc.  530-528-0755

Note:  Prices do not include taxes and relevant fees associated with purchase.

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