75HP Deutz-Fahr 5080.4 DF Ecoline Vineyard/Orchard Tractor!

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Here in Northern California, specialized agriculture demands that a tractor fit within the tight rows of a vineyard or under the low branches of nut trees.  Your typical ag tractor simply isn’t made for this, but Deutz-Fahr has designed the 5DF series tractors specifically for our orchard and vineyard farmers, with every component engineered for this special application.  This tractor is built to maximize capability, productivity, and efficiency – keep reading to see how.  The Deutz-Fahr is sure to impress!

This is the Deutz-Fahr 5080.4 DF Ecoline tractor, which is highly maneuverable thanks to its compact dimensions and the redesigned front end which allows for a steering angle up to 60 degrees!  Where other tractors are cumbersome and difficult to maneuver, this Deutz Fahr will cruise through with ease, which means your tractor and operator spend more time getting the work done and less time shuffling around trying to get into position.  Height including upright ROPS safety bar is 96.2”, length is 155.2”, and width is 57.1”. The operator’s platform is suspended on silent-block mounts, one of the many reasons the Deutz-Fahr tractor runs so smooth.

The powerhouse at the core of this tractor is Deutz-Fahr’s highly efficient 4-cylinder FARMotion engine with turbo intercooler.  This common rail diesel engine produces a very strong 75 HP with NO DPF, NO DEF, and NO REGEN CYCLE.  Thanks to Deutz-Fahr’s exclusive FARMotion engine technology, you get a reliable, compact, and powerful engine without the emissions control mechanisms that slow you down.

This tractor has a mechanical synchronized shuttle transmission with 20 Forward & 10 Reverse gears, giving you a wide range of gearing to best suit your different applications.  And you’ll love how sure-footed this tractor is with rear AND front differential lock, 4-wheel brakes, and front axle with independent suspension, giving the operator fantastic control, stability, and traction even on steep terrain.  Conveniently, it is equipped with push-button 4WD and push-button differential lock.

This tractor has the power to lift 6,150 lbs on the rear lift arms, an impressive number on a tractor this compact!  The hydraulic system has a flow rate of 14.2 gpm, and it’s equipped with 2 rear remote valves for your hydraulic attachments.

Deutz-Fahr tractors are built to excel at getting the job done every day.  You’re getting a tractor that is loaded with features that reduce operator fatigue and increase farm efficiency, which equals profitability for your operation.  Come in and see the Deutz-Fahr in person and you’re going to be impressed.

Please call, email, or stop by Dave’s Tractor in person for more information on this tractor or other Deutz-Fahr models in stock!  530-528-0755

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