Branson 3520H Package with Backhoe

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Package Includes: 

Branson 3520H Tractor with Loader & Backhoe!


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35 Engine HP
3 Cylinder Diesel Engine
Hydrostat AUTO REV Transmission
4 Wheel Drive
Power Steering
2 Speed Rear PTO
CAT 1, 3-Point Arms Extendable Quick Attach
2,700 Lb. Loader Lift Capacity, Skid Steer Quick Attach Bucket
7' 6" Digging Depth Quick Attach Backhoe

The Branson 3520H is a 35 HP, 4x4 compact tractor with a strong 3-cylinder diesel engine. It has a Tier 4 mechanical engine, meaning it has a mechanical injector pump with no computers controlling the engine. Branson has designed their tractors to be tough and comfortable at the same time. It is one of the heaviest in its class and is made with all metal fenders and hood.  That weight gives the Branson the ability to push and pull without losing traction.  And while you're doing that, you'll love the comfortable operator's station!

The 3520H has a 3-range Auto-Rev Hydrostat transmission which is super simple to operate. The New Auto-Rev Transmission links the convenient hydrostatic pedals to the engine RPM, meaning the farther you push the pedal down, the higher the engine RPM, and the faster you go. This upgrade is unlike any other tractor out there! This is more efficient, very reliable, and still NO COMPUTERS! Customers are raving about this tractor! When you release the pedals the tractor will automatically lower the RPMs and come to a stop by itself. Going from forward to reverse does not require clutch use and shifting.  This makes the tractor super maneuverable and easy to drive!

You can manually engage and disengage the 4x4 at any time. The tractor comes with an independent PTO and CAT 1 3-point arms with extendable arms to help hook up to implements a lot easier and quicker. The PTO has an economy option that allows you to run your implement at the standard 540 PTO RPM at only 1700 Engine RPM instead of 2500 Engine RPM. This saves fuel, runs quieter, and is ideal for mowing!

The BL200 loader is rated to lift 2,700 lbs to full height! You'll love the features on the loader as well, like the easy to grease external zert fittings, 4- link bucket to allow farther dump and farther retract, fender mounted controls, and universal skid steer stlye Quick Attach bucket. Easily set your tractor up with a 4-n-1 bucket, grapple, hydraulic post hole digger, forks, rock bucket, etc. The entire loader is a quick attach as well.

This machine has a foldable roll bar, tilt steering wheel, power steering, and turns sharper than most competition. It has a fully adjustable seat with a recline option, suspension, and thicker padding then most seats, making this tractor super comfortable for those longer work days.

The backhoe included on this package digs 7' 6" deep, and has over 4,500 lbs of bucket digging force! The backhoe has its own sub frame that ties into the middle of the tractor, providing full support and strength for the tractor and backhoe. This backhoe is also a quick attach that you can take on and off in minutes.

Branson makes a high quality tractor at an unbeatable price! We also have financing with no early pay off penalty available for this tractor. We also carry many other Branson models. Come see for yourself why so many are impressed with the Branson tractors!

Don't have experience or not sure what size or kind of tractor you need for your property or projects? Contact us today! Our team is happy to share our experience and can help you with any questions you have.

Please feel free to call, email, or stop by for more information. See this package today at Dave's Tractor, Inc.

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