Grapple Buckets

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A hydraulic Grapple Bucket is an incredibly useful tool for your tractor. The hydraulic grapple arms allow you to grab what you're trying to move.  With a skeleton bottom bucket, you can scoop up or grab logs, brush, roots, and more and all the dirt and fine material falls out the bottom.  A standard loader bucket is helpful with brush, but a grapple allows you to grab and move big bundles of brush with ease!  Once you've used a grapple, you won't want to be without one.  If you have brush to deal with or you're working on developing and cleaning you're property, a grapple will be well worth having.

We stock the Terra Force 60", 66", and 72" wide grapple buckets, all of which are set up for universal skid steer style quick attach.  These are ideal for compact tractors up to about 55 hp.  We also have a heavier duty option for skid steer loaders and larger tractors.  The 74" Extreme Duty Grapple is heavier and stronger, perfect for higher horsepower equipment.


Price for Grapple Bucket (Tool Only)

60" - $2,300

66" - $2,500

72" - $2,700

74" Extreme Duty Skid Steer Grapple - $3,950

If not already equipped, 3rd Function Auxiliary Hydraulics for a compact tractor are typically an additional $850 - $950.  Call for specific estimate!


Feel free to contact us with questions and to check availability.  And if you're looking for something a little different, we can find it for you from one of our quality manufacturers!

Pricing does not include applicable tax & fees.

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