Mahindra 5155

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Mahindra 5155

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Mahindra's 5145/5155 is the OFFICIAL TRACTOR OF TOUGH.



This 4-cylinder mCRD engine has NO Diesel Particulate Filter which means 0% Regen 100% productivity. With no regen cycle, you are not losing hours on your warranty, no wasted fuel due to the DPF. With best-in-class loader and 3-point lift capacities, the 5100 series tractors give you the power you need to work faster and more efficiently. Mahindra’s mComfort seat, as well as the operator station is designed for maximum ergonomic convenience, ensuring reduced operator strain during the long workdays. This tractor is ideal for customer who demand comfort but aren't going to sacrifice performance. This commercial-grade utility tractor should be in a class by itself



  • 55 HP; Diesel Engine
  • 4 Cylinder 4-stroke, direct-injection, water cooled diesel
  • Mahindra Common Rail Diesel Engine
  • No DPF, No Regen Cycle!


  • Full Synchromesh Shuttle
  • 12 Forward gears
  • 12 Reverse gears
  • Dual Clutch

Overall Dimensions (with Industrial tires)

  • 136.6 inches long
  • 74.8 inches wide
  • 5,390 pounds bare tractor weight
  • 6,690 pounds with loader

Front End Loader

  • Lifts 3,100 lbs at the pins to full height
  • 72" bucket width
  • Skid steer style quick attach bucket

Other Standard Accessories

  • 4WD
  • 1 rear auxiliary remote standard
  • Power Steering
  • Foldable Roll Bar
  • Wet Disc Brakes
  • PTO
  • Cat-1 & Cat-2 adjustable 3-Points lift 3,527 lbs
  • 14.55 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Premium Seat


Mahindra Product Brochure & Specs


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