PTO-Driven Wood Chippers

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If you have trees on your property, then you have branches to deal with.  Hauling branches is very cumbersome and inefficient, and burning brush is ok only in certain times of year when the conditions are right.  Chipping your brush is the way to go!  Drive your tractor to the brush and just feed branches into the chipper, turning the brush pile into a small pile of chips.  These chips can be left alone to break down into fertile mulch for your garden or you could just direct the chute into your trailer to haul it off immediately.  Either way, a chipper makes your cleanup a much more manageable task!


Standard Features:

Cat I 3-pt Hitch

PTO Driven

360° Rotating Ejection Chute

Self/Gravity Feed  (Hydraulic Feed available in some models)

Hardened Blade

1 Fixed Blade, 4 Rotating Blades

4" - 6" Capacity


4" Capacity (18-45 HP)  -  $2,195

6" Capacity (30-100 HP)  -  $2,950 ON SALE $2,550!!

5.2" Capacity Hydraulic Feed (30-100 HP)  -  $4,600


Feel free to contact us with questions and to check availability.  And if you're looking for something a little different, we can find it for you from one of our quality manufacturers!

Pricing does not include applicable tax & fees.


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