Special Sale! $1,000 off 42HP Branson Tractor, 1 TRACTOR ONLY!

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Special Discount on 42HP Branson 4225H Tractors!


1,000 OFF!  Applies to 1 TRACTOR IN STOCK ONLY!


Contact Us for more info!


For a limited time, you can get a Branson 4225H ON SALE for only $25,450 after an extra Dave’s Tractor discount of $1,000 off the already low price! See below for more info and call or visit us as soon as possible to take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts!  We can only offer this discount on 1 tractor in stock!

42 HP 4 Cylinder A-Series Cummins Diesel Engine
3-Range Hydrostatic Transmission with Auto Rev!
10.4 GPM Hydraulic Pump Flow!
5 GPM Separate Power Steering Hydraulic Pump Flow
4 Wheel Drive
2 Speed Rear PTO
CAT 1, 3-Point Arms
Telescopic 3-pt Stabilizers and Telescopic Lower Arms
2,700 lb Loader Lift Capacity!
Skid Steer Quick Attach Loader Bucket
Optional Backhoe Available
Over 3,600 lb 3-Point Lift Capacity!

This tractor has a 42 HP 4 Cylinder A-Series Cummins Diesel Engine. This is a Tier 4 mechanical engine, meaning it has a mechanical injector pump and NO computers to control the engine! No Regen Mode, no downtime! This tractor is built to last and get the job done. Branson designs their tractors to withstand the hardest jobs while keeping operator comfort as a priority as well. The tractor has metal fenders and hood, not brittle plastic like the competition. The 25 Series Branson tractors are among the heaviest tractors in their class, with more built-in weight so you can pull and push more without losing traction. Power and weight are equally important in making a tractor really capable.  The 4225H tractor with loader weighs over 5,150 lbs!  That coupled with the powerful 4-cylinder engine means this tractor will far outperform the competition.

The 4225H has a 3-range hydrostatic transmission with Branson’s Auto Rev capability!  The hydrostatic transmission is normally a $1,000 upgrade but on this 1 tractor you can get it for the same price as the more manual shuttle transmission!  The Auto Rev hydrostatic transmission automatically increases engine RPM when you depress the pedal to move forward, making driving this tractor so simple!

On this tractor you can manually engage and disengage the 4x4 at any time. It comes with an independent PTO and CAT 1 3-point arms with extendable lower arms to help make implement hook-ups quicker and easier. The PTO has an economy option that allows you to run your implement at the standard 540 PTO RPM at only 1700 engine RPM instead of 2500 engine RPM. This saves fuel and runs quieter – perfect for lighter mowing jobs!

The new BL200 front-end loader is equally as impressive, picking up a total of 2,700 lbs. to full height!  Plus, the loader on this tractor has tons of awesome features such as: easy to access grease zert fittings on the outside ends of the pins, 4-link bucket to allow farther dump and retract, and skid steer style universal Quick Attach bucket to make front attachment changes super fast and easy. Plus, the loader valve is fender-mounted, putting the controls within easy and comfortable reach, while at the same time giving the operator easy access from both sides.

This machine has a foldable roll bar, tilt steering wheel, power steering, and it turns sharper than most competition. It has a fully adjustable seat with a recline option, adjustable suspension, folding armrests, and the seat has thicker padding to provide better comfort. The floorboards have a thick rubber mat that allows the best traction for getting on and off the tractor. This tractor even comes with 2 cup holders and a rear work light.

Need a backhoe for this tractor?  No problem. Branson offers a quick attach backhoe with a max 7.5’ digging depth!

Branson manufactures quality equipment, and we at Dave's Tractor have been a part of the Branson team since 2002.  We continue to be impressed with Branson’s commitment to quality, affordability, and good service.  And here at Dave's Tractor we send every tractor through a complete Pre-Delivery Inspection which involves a complete check list: topping off all fluids, filling the fuel tank, making sure all bolts are torqued, and most importantly we check every tractor on our own PTO dyno to make sure the tractor is operating correctly without any faults.  When you get the tractor, it is ready to hit the ground running!

Financing is available on all new tractors, and we’re more than happy to consider trade-ins.  Our goal is to work with every customer before and after the sale to make tractor ownership as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Please call, email, or visit us at Dave's Tractor for more information on this tractor!  530-528-0755

Please note that advertised prices do not include applicable sales tax.

Dave’s Tractor also stocks a huge inventory of dump trailers, flatbed trailers, and implements. We have box scrapers, blades, floats, rotary mowers, flail mowers, landscape rakes, rototillers, post hole diggers, pallet forks, debris forks, 4-in-1 buckets, grapples, and more!

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