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About Our Trailers

As more and more tractors and implements left the lot here at Dave’s Tractor, we noticed that we were missing something that many of our customers needed – trailers.  After researching to find the right fit, Dave’s Tractor became a Diamond C Trailer dealer in 2015 and then a Versatile Trailer dealer more recently in 2018!  Diamond C Trailers are made in Texas and Versatile Trailers are made in Oregon, and we are proud to sell quality trailers built in the USA!  Between these two brands of trailers, we have a wide variety of options available to get you exactly the trailer you need.  And we keep at least 50 trailers on the lot so you can find what you want and take it home.  Check out what we have to offer in everything from car hauler trailers to heavy duty dump trailers!  And feel free to call with any questions.  We’re happy to help!

Tandem Axle Trailers

Our tandem axle car hauler trailers have been a huge hit with our tractor customers!  Ranging in length from 16’ to 20’ and weight ratings from 7,000 lb to 10,000 lb, these trailers are perfect for hauling your car or your compact tractor.  It’s not uncommon around here to see a Branson or Mahindra tractor heading down the road on top of one of these tandem axle trailers.  Check out our options online or call to see which trailer fits your needs.

Equipment Trailers

For heavy duty use you need a heavy duty trailer.  Our equipment trailers are built to be strong, reliable, and convenient.  If you can’t get the equipment to the job site, you can’t get your work done, and that’s a hit to your profitability every time.  Our quality, dependable equipment trailers will keep your operation running like clockwork.

Dump Trailers

If you’ve ever unloaded a truck or trailer by hand, you know why you need a hydraulic dump trailer.  Every dump trailer we sell comes with an easy roll-up tarp, making it fast and hassle-free to cover your load of debris.  And every tandem axle dump trailer comes equipped with rear slide-in ramps and D-Rings in the bed for tying down so you can haul your equipment to the site too.  We’ve sold a TON of dump trailers to everyone from homeowners to professional contractors, saving folks time, money, and a sore back!

Gooseneck Trailers

For some professional haulers, a gooseneck equipment or dump trailer is the only way to go.  Our quality gooseneck trailers will impress with their features and durability.  Heavy duty equipment hauling calls for a serious trailer.  Check in to see what gooseneck trailers we have in stock, and if there’s something unique you need, we can do special orders!

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